Richard has an artistic gift, reflected in his unique style and love for art. Every since he was a child, Richard had the knack for creating. It might have been collages, finger painting, mixed media, etc.. Richard grew up in an artistic environment. His father, Richard A. Angarola the actor, and his grandfather, Anthony Angarola the artist from Chicago. So you might say it is in his blood.

Richard takes his inspiration from life as a whole.Some works are inspired by songs, (Moonlight Drive, Tears Of A Clown) etc.. Others by the death, (One Hit To The Body, Life) etc.. He does not like to title most of his work. For he belives that what one person might interpret, someone else might not. And art is for everyone to enjoy.

After the death of his brother Anthony in May of 1990, Richard had fallen in to an artistic depression. So he went to Paris to be with his sister Ondine, and attended Otis-Parsons summer art class. He also has study at L.A.V.C..

Richard has exhibited at the AFL-CIO art shows. Were he has won honorable mentions and second place awards.